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It’s never too early — or too late— to start dancing!







Founders: 1992

Rebecca Kelly

and Craig Brashear



“Kids Co-Motion provides our children with the opportunity to integrate

and develop motor, language and social skills in a most natural and enjoyable way”  Long Island College Hospital



Kids Co-Motion teachers’

“sensitivity and warmth coupled with the highly motivating and structured dance routines have proven

to be very successful at our school.”  

Stanley S. Lamm Institute Pre-School



“We great admire your rapport with very little people.”  

Bank Street College

of Education




“In Kids Co-Motion the emphasis is on the building of movement skills and vocabulary, using a whole child developmental approach. 


Learning how to learn.


The process of learning dances for boys and girls combines inspiration, imitation, focus, practice, repetition, memory, rhythms, patterns, and a use of internal and external language.  Young children are wizards at this.  Providing a context that supports and elaborates on these vital skills, results in a joyful and productive way to spend time together.”  RK






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