Rebecca Kelly Ballet
SCHEDULE - 2014-2015

locations: SoHo at 579 Broadway, Prince

Subways: R, F, B, M, D, #6
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in Turtle Bay, 235 E 49th
Call 212-832-1833

"In an era where the aesthetic
development of the child
is often overlooked, we feel
very fortunate to be able to
offer Kids Co-Motion."

Riverdale Neighborhood House


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See the Nutcracker Slide Show
featuring RKB's soloists!


WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT? A choreographer's inspiration and whole child developmental approach result in an integrated, creative movement and dynamic dance program for every age - in downtown SoHo and Turtle Bay locations

9-13 yrs,
(Scroll down for Teens, 14-19 yrs)
KCM nurtures the path between an accessible experience of dance
as it matures into a keen appreciation for the performing arts.

*Class offerings respond to neighborhood demand, so the oferings ffluctuate.

DANCE BASICS ages 9-13 years
Beginner introduction to elementary and intermediate ballet AND modern basics. Disciplined, dynamic, fun. Classical technique, and modern choreography. REGISTRATION FORM
Small, productive classes - Serious fun

Open studios at end of each semester. Enter Sept/Jan. Attend 1-3 times weekly
. Mon = Beginner/ Int, open to all
Wed is Beginner/Int, by audition/ trial class

CREATIVE MOVEMENT ages 2 - 5+yrs
Entry Fall (create your playgroup - min. 6 family participants) Adult and Child, and "drop off" classes for Tots - K+. Playful and productive. Developing movement skills, turn taking, cooperating in groups, listening with care. (*Must be evaluated for readiness.) Waiting list only. Entry is in Sept and January, by pre-registration. 45 min classes

Dance Basics
Mon/ Wed, 4-5:30pm*

Ages 9-13 years;
Open Studios - presentation
Registration Form

*Check for start time confirmation, and price adjustment in 2014/ 2015 winter/spring

Creative Movement
Note: SoHo Studio is 4th Floor walk up. Good for the heart!

last classes of Dec. and mid May. Families, Friends and prospective students are welcome to watch, by email or phone reservation.

"one of the best non-traditional dance classes for kids" TimeOut New York Kids

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50-90 minute Private Coaching/ lessons for advanced students age 11+, available by appointment. Audition prep, ongoing series of lessons, trouble-shooting.

DRESS CODE (After-School programs):
Girls: black tank leotards and. ballet slippers. No frills, no skirts, black dance shorts or optiona; pink/ nude/ white tights.
Hair neatly pulled back. Leotards/ tights/ dance shorts on sale at Soho Studio

Boys: Close fitting whiteT-shirt, or Tank top, black shorts or bike pants. White or black ballet slippers.

Most dance attire can be ordered through studio.

Adult w/ Child (Kids Co-Motion)

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A first class experience for mom, dad, (or care- giver) and child. Friendly, skill building, lightly structured fun and learning. Promotes language and listening development, music and motion - together - in small workable-size class. Child and Adult. Increasing gross locomotor movement and important social skills for school readiness. Active Listening. Active, cooperative Play. Learning to recognize and execute short dances, building language and movement vocabulary. Small productive classes.

Dress Code:
Active wear, barefeet. No tutus, no skirts, no frills.

Toddler Mix, 18-34 mo.
Email to join WAIT LIST for Next Openings
Pre-pay to enter class

KCM Dress Code:

Active wear, bare feet

KCM Testimonials
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TEEN PROGRAM Tues, 4:30-6:30pm. Ages 14-17yrs. Mixed levels
. Start any time! Small productive classes. Read a parent overview.
RK Teen Performance Company option

Join RKB! You are in for a treat!
Nutcracker Highlights

Professional studio performances.   Families, school groups and dance afficionados are invited to see where dance and dancers are made. 
First weekend (Fri/Sat) in December "Highlights from the Nutcracker Ballet"

Call 212-431-8489 for tickets or to
arrange your very special dance group event.

Tel: 212-431-8489
SUBWAYS: R,W, F, B, V, D, #6
Mailing & SoHo Studio Address
Rebecca Kelly Ballet / Kids Co-Motion
579 Broadway, 4B
New York, NY 10012
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READ MORE ABOUT The Early Childhood Program
.....Dancing wth Delight synopsis.--

KIDS CO-MOTION was founded in 1992 by dancers and parents Craig Brashear and Rebecca Kelly, KCM provides a joyful learning atmosphere beginning with motion, music, tumbling, and song for very young children and their caregivers, and continues through skill-building dance classes for teens. Class offerings respond to the neighborhood demand, so the schedule.can fluctuate.

KIDS CO-MOTION offers an opportunity for constructive play and learning in a big space. In an urban environment where not everyone has access to a playground, families welcome a place for their children to be dynamically active in a wholly positive way. Exposure to the arts at an early age from the pre-schooler to the middle school child, stimulates the kind of cognitive development that children need and don't get from passive activities like TV and video games. Dance and performance ignite the imagination.

builds movement vocabulary, while playfully exploring music and a broad range of movement skills which build self esteem and confidence. Classes encompass the social skills involved in working in groups or as leaders, taking turns, remembering sequences, assuming responsibility for one's "conduct" as well as making riends and treating each other with respect. KCM uses a variety of fine music exposing families to the pleasures of moving to classical, folk, popular, and ethnic selections.

PROGRAM, ages walking to 40 mo
In Parent/ Child
classes language and song are used as a means of guiding and promoting active listening and focus in young children. Because KCM's programs bring children together with adults, children also are exposed to and develop important interactive social skills. KCM Sharyn

Ages 3.5-18 years
Offered weekday afternoons in SoHo. The program is designed to develop confidence, self-awareness, self-discipline, and careful music listening skills, along with a growing movement vocabulary. The After School Program continues with increasingly formal training in creative movement, modern dance, ballet, and performance through teens.

Creative Movement and Dance Basics for ages 3.5-12
years includes a variety of drop-off classes. Students are introduced to ballet vocabulary and dance basics by learning short dances to great classical music as well as rock 'n roll, funk, and country and more.
Find out if your 3.5 -year is old ready.

The serious study of classical ballet begins between 8-11 years old, when some children begin to be physically and mentally ready for the discipline, strenuous work, as well as the math of ballet. The age at which classical instruction begins is not as important as making a good start with a good teacher, and being able to concentrate on the activities. Only regular participation, persistence, and much practice makes a dancer.

Most classes are pro-rated, and you can join at any time.
Fall, or Winter/ Spring sessions. Let us share our 25-year experience creating positive learning experiences for children. Kelly and Brashear are available as Guest Lecturers for Panels and Parenting Discussion Groups. Kids Co-Motion is also offered throughout Westchester, the Lamm Pre-School in Brooklyn, for developmentally delayed children, in several pre-school cooperatives in Manhattan, as an URBAN FIELD TRIP (PS 198 Bronx), and in the Northern Adirondacks rural outreach program in the summer.

Kids Co-Motion has been included in the curriculum of many Nursery Schools and Playgroups including the Riverdale Neighborhood House in Riverdale, Lamm Institute Pre-School for Children with Developmental Delays in Brooklyn, the Barrow Street Nursery, The Children's Aid Society in the West Village, and Creative Steps, the Children's Corner Playgroup,and University Plaza Nursery School in Soho. Call to design along-term or short term program tailored just for your organization, 212-431-8489.