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kcm job descRebecca Kelly Ballet (SoHo, NYC) has developed a unique model for an early childhood creative movement program.  Kids Co-Motion, now in its 15th year, is currently offered in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Westchester, in studios, schools, daycare, and special education facilities, as well as in locations in rural upstate New York.   Active in the field of choreography for over 30-years, Rebecca Kelly and her husband, also a former dancer, became interested in applying her methods to early childhood development.  Artistic Director of a New York City contemporary ballet ensemble based in SoHo, she has developed an extraordinary teaching program for the very young child and primary care-giver, fusing mindful orientation and articulation of body and language..   Ms. Kelly has created choreography that fosters many skills that are developing during the pre-speech months and afterwards.

“There are no tutus at this stage,” says Kelly. “Of course, at home parents can help their children dress up and do imaginative play if they desire, but in Kids co-Motion where we are gender neutral, the emphasis is on building movement skills and vocabulary.   The process of learning dances combines inspiration, imitation, focus, practice, repetition, memory, and a use of internal language.  Many young children are wizards at this.  Putting them in a context that supports and elaborates on these vital skills, results in a joyful and thoroughly productive way to spend time together.”

Kids Co-Motion promotes active listening and a dynamic use of verbal and non-verbal communication.   Responding to music with the whole body is part of the fun; along with finding the irresistible rhythms, the inspiring melody, the feeling that you want to dance, to getting up and dancing with others!

Movement is also a way to engage children who experience significant challenges in communication and output in other areas.  In addition to providing a physical outlet or simply a fun creative movement activity, Craig Brashear has adapted the KCM curriculum to work with children who have developmental and physical delays, hearing impairment, or aggression or shyness.  Dance activities can be both soothing and stimulating.

Whole child development:  In addition to the physical skills, a KCM class supports the young child’s emerging social skills and cognitive development.  The process draws out the most positive and productive accomplishments from each child.  Kids Co-Motion classes are small, and within the curriculum, each child-adult pair travels at its own pace and makes its own investigations and experiments with the material.

Parenting skills:  KCM classes are especially helpful for the first time parent, presenting many opportunities to work on problem solving skills in a social context.   Kids Co-Motion teachers are trained to notice the details of learning, interest, fatigue, or the subtle signs of growing awareness.

Kids Co-Motion offers a unique choreographic method based on building skills and movement vocabulary, which is enjoyable for adults as well as children.  Merging the language of movement with the movement itself helps a child orient itself.  Learning by imitation and obtaining simultaneous information through chant and song, reinforce language skills.  Children begin to know and gain control of what they are doing. They can recall and access moves, re-use and combine them at a surprisingly young age, and they enjoy it tremendously.  The satisfaction of re-producing specific movements and dances is as exciting and satisfying as communicating first words and sentences, and later thoughts.

KIDS CO-MOTION has parents and young children dancing all over the place; not just in the studio, but in the back seat of the car, before bath time, in the playground, in the living room.

THE GOAL is to reinforce and develop a love of dance; to put music inside a child and experience the joy, the absorption, and the physical release that are the by-products of dance; to spending time dancing no matter what the age.

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Since 1993, the education program of Rebecca Kelly Ballet -- 579 Broadway, 4B, New York, NY  10012

Tel:  212-431-8489  RKBallet1@verizon.net    www.RebeccaKellyBallet.com  www.Kidsco-Motion.com

OS girl pair TBKIDS CO-MOTION and REBECCA KELLY BALLET provide CONSULTING,TRAINING, and MENTORING to qualified individuals seeking to teach or establsih an early childhood creative movement program.  Candidates should specify area of desired focus for age groupings

Teens and Tweens, 9-12, 12-18 yrs: Teen

After-School, ages 3.5, and 6-7 years

Tot/ Toddler, ages walking to 36 months

1)  RKB provides individualized 1-hour Tutorial Sessions covering a variety of topics for qualified individual or small group of teachers seeking to establish a new early childhood creative movement program, or who are seeking an in depth environment to develop and expand upon their teaching skills.  The Tutorials are offered singly or in a series of 1-3 one-hour sessions.  Fee $100 for instututions, additional $50 per person.  Independent teachers $100.  

2)  Arrangement can be made for Observation of a Lab Class (Tot, Toddler, or Three Plus levels, or Nursery School, and early childhood Special Needs).  Locations are in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Riverdale, in facilities where Kids Co-Motion instruction and method is offered.  45-min Observation classes include a subsequent feed-back session for analysis and discussion, which can be schedule following class, or as schedules permit.    Fee $150

3)  One-hour Mentoring and trouble-shooting sessions for teachers who already have an established class and desire feedback and renewal are $100/hour.  (Optional observation of class under evaluation can be arranged, with feedback session following.

boy TB4)  When KCM or RKB is hiring, the Company provides a 1-month Training Program for candidates who are selected as prospective teachers:  Includes 10-hours of trailing on-going classes, 1.5 hour KCM Institute training in methodology, and 4 hours co-teach with feedback sessions. 

5)  NON KCM candidates can also participate in the month-long training program to prepare for establishing new classes. Consultant fee is $500.RK Teach teen

Tutorials and Mentoring are provided by RebeccaKelly, co-founder/ director of Kids Co-Motion. 

Site visits observation appointments are coordinated by Craig Brashear, Michelle Wurf, and Rebecca Kelly.


Kids Co-Motion has been part of the curriculum at:

  • Creative Steps Pre-School, SoHo (Nursery School)
  • Barrow Street Nursery, West Village
  • Children’s Aid Society, West Village (After School)
  • Rebecca Kelly Ballet, SoHo (After school, Teens, Lab Class)
  • Riverdale Neighborhood House, Riverdale (ages 3’s and 4’s)
  • Lamm Pre-School, Brooklyn (for students ages 3-5 yrs with developmental delays).  

Kids Co-Motion has been taught in several up and downtown neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn, in various studios such as the West Park Presbyterian Church on the Upper West Side, 1993-2001.  We have also worked with UWS Reebok Sports Club for three years as an independent contractor in the 1990's, and supplied creative movement instructors for the Barrow Street and Downing Street Playgroups.  PS 198 (Bronx) recently brought its K-1 Special Ed students on a field trip for an on-site masterclass  in KCM’s spacious home studio in SoHo.   
For more information or to schedule a session, send your resume with a cover letter stating your interest and specific objectives. Email: RKBallet1@aol.com

The next step is to set up a program that suits YOU!  We’re here to help!
Rebecca Kelly Ballet - Kids Co-Motion
579 Broadway, 4B
New York, NY  10012.